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Biological fouling (biofouling) is the undesirable accumulation of microorganisms, plants and animals on artificial surfaces. This occurs on artificial surfaces submerged in seawater (marine biofouling), such as ship's hulls, seaside piers and sea defences, as well as on other surfaces in continuous contact with water including air conditioning systems and water pipes.

Biofouling is divided into microfouling X biofilm formation and bacterial adhesion X and macrofouling X attachment of larger organisms, of which the main culprits are barnacles, mussels, polychaete worms, bryozoans, and seaweed. Together, these organisms form a fouling community.

Biofouling in air conditioning systems can prevent water-flow, reduce cooling efficiency and increase energy costs, as well as being foul smelling! Blooms of algae can block both fresh and salt water filtration systems, and frequent cleaning of water pipes is required to prevent blockage.

Chlorine or other chemicals are used in sea water and fresh water cooling systems to prevent biofouling from growing. Owing to the regulation of local environmental protection policy on the discharge of chemicals, biofouling cannot be completely eradicated by using chemicals.

HydroFLOW P Range is an ultimate solution for this kind of problem.




How It Works

Biofilm causing micro-organism is polarized when it passes through the induced electric field. The charge polarization on the micro-organism causes alignment of water molecules to pack tightly and lead to an offset of the osmotic pressure between the cell and the water environment. The magnitude of change in osmotic pressure depends on the concentration of the cytoplasm of the cell and the nature of water (sea water, underground water or fresh water etcK). The offset in osmotic pressure results into an inrush of water into the cell.

The hydraulic pressure built up inside the cell finally ruptures the cell membrane and kills it. Even if the pressure is not high enough, the dilution of the cytoplasm disrupts the metabolic processes and causes the premature death of the cell.







HydroFLOW P Range can be installed in any applications where biofilm existed such as:

  • Direct or Indirect Seawater Cooled Chillers
  • Plate Heat Exchangers.
  • Flushing Water Circuits





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