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Studies supported by ASHRAE and statements of a major chiller OEM indicate that oil in refrigerant reduces heat transfer and therefore efficiency. Oil content of 1% (by weight) produces a reduction of 3% efficiency and up to 15% produces a reduction of 40-50% in efficiency. The reduction in efficiency tends to be consistent for different refrigerants.

OAM Purger effectively removes oil from refrigerant by means of distillation. Purified refrigerant is returned to the refrigerant path while oil is returned to the oil sump. At the same time acid and moisture are removed by filter and dryer.




How It Works

The OAM Purger is designed to remove oil, acids and moisture from a Centrifugal Chiller・s refrigerant. However, its main purpose is to remove oil from the refrigerant and return it to the Chiller・s lubrication circuit (oil sump) where it belongs. Initial oil stripping is accomplished in two phases. The first phase, or initial oil stripping process, occurs at initial start-up of the OAM Purger. This is when all the excess oil that has been added to the system over time is removed and discarded. Often times the initial stripping process can yield several gallons to multiple tens of gallons depending on how severely the refrigerant is saturated with oil.

The second phase begins when all excess oil has been removed from the refrigerant. The OAM Purger will, from that point on, maintain the system in lubrication balance. Lubrication balance meaning virtually 100 percent of the compressor・s lubricating oil is kept in the oil sump where it belongs.

Operation of the OAM Purger is accomplished by a :Patented; process utilizing gravity, heat and pressure in conjunction with special high capacity desiccants to completely remove oil, acids and moisture from a Chiller・s refrigerant charge.

The OAM Purger works by repeatedly extracting 10 to 20 pounds (depending upon the refrigerant level available in the chiller evaporator) of oil-contaminated refrigerant for processing from the Chiller each purge cycle. The oil -contaminated refrigerant is heated by means of a flexible band electric heater and the liquid refrigerant is vaporized off. As the refrigerant vaporizes it passes through the special E-Z Change :High Capacity; Moisture/Acid filter-drier where it is cleaned before returning to the Chiller evaporator. At the end of the distillation phase any distilled oil is automatically returned to the Chiller・s oil sump through an in-line :High Acid Capacity; filter-drier where any residual acids are removed.

The OAM Purger is able to process between 850 and 1250 pounds of refrigerant per week.




Special Features & Benefits

  • Restores chillers to peak operating capacity
  • Continuously purify, dehydrate and filter refrigerant
  • Easy to install (220VAC and only three 1/4" connections to existing chiller ports)
  • Utilizes EZ Change Quick connect refrigerant filter (can be changed while system is operating)
  • Operates 24 hours a day whether chiller is on or off
  • There are no mechanical or ejector pumps. The OAM Purger uses only gravity, heat and pressure differential to work


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